If it doesn’t no more seem like it is
I just want to shut this devil speaking inside of me
Its voice is attacking my soul
It’s whispers are driving me insecure
I’ve said I’ll push all my feelings away
And no way they’d come back to haunt me
But the devil knows exactly when to hit
And knows how to bring everything back on my head
At the right moment
My moment of weakness. My moment of despair
It attacks me violently and rips all my insides
Bares me out of my brain
It only leaves me with my feelings
Desperate feelings.
It takes over
My world turn dark
And I know that the darkness won’t bring me life
I need to let it go
But can’t when I have another side of me
Always bringing me down, cutting me off
Shedding tears as if they were a river
Breaking me inside like a mirror
My reflection isn’t no more a stand up bright face
It breaks me with no much case
I’m afraid
I’m afraid of change
Afraid of the way I ought to feel
Can I destroy my feelings and a world I’ve known of experiences, failures and disappointments
Can I let go ?
I don’t want to take it in anymore.

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