Honey you set me on fire, you set me on fire and watched me burn. I fell to the ground with my ashes sprinkled all over my tired body, I was tired and emotionally destroyed. You watched that and honey, you didn’t raise your hand to help me. I burned down to the ground and I reached out for you, but you only pushed me instead of pulling me out. Honey you set me on fire, and didn’t seem to mind. You set me on fire

When he left, she didn’t say a word, she didn’t ask him to stay neither did she cry. He thought maybe it’s because this is what she wanted. So he decided to leave and never come back
Years past and they met by chance. Finally he got to ask her “why didn’t you ask me to stay?! I didn’t even see you a shed a tear” and she replied “it’s because all my life, I’ve learned to suffer in silence”.

Another disappointment I’ll have to face.
It’s fine I tell myself, it’s not the first time you let me down.
But do I dare to say?!
I’m getting weak
I’m getting vulnerable without you
If I may say, that I miss you in every way

Birthday Vibes In The Air

Birthday candles in the air
People happy everywhere
While in the freedom, the sway of their hair
Cheers! It’s another birthday and death is conquered !
Cheers! It’s another celebration, that we awaited with anticipation !
Cheers! Let’s hail and scream! Act like this year wasn’t at all mean
Cheers! Let’s weep and wail! And maybe tell them how in this life we’re such a fail
Cheers! Let us light the candles and let their fire set for us a flee. We’re weird kind of people, through what poisons us, we think we’re free! So cheers! Let’s toast to a night of celebration, a night of admiration, a night of celestial feels. As the moon is closer to midnight, we drown ourselves in those screams, dance and act so care free to hide what life ripped us out of me. Cheers my friends! Let’s act like we’re happy and go through this night with smiles and flames that lights up all the broken roads and bumps life to all those dead inside. Cheers my friends! Let’s have a night full of joy, and let us burn inside so our light serves all those who are in pain. All those who don’t say a word, but inside they’re torn. Cheers to a birthday filled with hopes and disappointments. Cheers to a birthday filled with love and hatred. And cheers to a birthday that I wish you would pick up the phone, celebrate it with me and maybe after that disappear. Cheers to the heartbreaks and fears! And let’s have fun with the ghosts of the past, the trees inside of me, the love buried within me! Cheers…. Cheers to them lonely birthdays

Oh Brother;

Oh brother, put your hand over my heart for the coldness of the days that left me stranded here on my own. Oh brother, I weep and weep for the face that I miss, but no longer on those graceful cheeks I can plant a kiss. Oh brother, hold me and reach out for me, be that back I miss to lean on and be that arm I escape to when it all gets cold. After all, he’s gone. And no one could take his place. Oh brother, he left. My brother, he left. He left and took a part of my heart, he was with me all through the start. He taught me how to laugh, and taught me how to smile. He looked at me with gracious eyes, and enamored me with love that I could almost touch. Love too real for my heart to feel. And love I thought never would exist. Oh brother, what am I supposed to do now that he’s gone? Tell me what I’m supposed to do except play a painful tone and reminisce at the memories, wish he was here with me. Oh brother, my voice aches from crying, and my eyes pain from shedding all those useless tears, for I’ll never be able to bring him back. Oh after him, my life turned so black. Oh brother, can I at least hear his voice or have a look at his face? His face filled with wrinkles over the hard work he had to endure, and the obstacles he had to face. Never was I keen enough to thank him for what he has made. Oh brother, oh brother, my heart hurts. My soul cries, I love him. I love him with every bit there is in me. I love him with every breath I take. I love him. So why does the life seem so cruel, after there is, he’s taken away from me! Oh brother, could someone explain? I was robbed out of my identity, they took him away from me. How is this for the best can someone explain?! No, he’s not in a better place, the place where he belonged was here. Next to me. Oh brother, why did they steal him away?! Why did they strand me and naked me out of the only thing magical in my life there is to be. My father! My father who I grew up listening to his words and admiring his ways. My father whose voice soothed me in times I was so closed on the verge of madness. My father who’s always been there for me. He was suddenly taken away from me. My father, my father who’s smile made my days, sorted out my ways, and helped in every way. My father, whom held me close, and took care of me. My father, who now lies in infinity loops without seeing my face. Oh are you happy there without me?! My father to whom I’m ready to sacrifice my life for. My father, my god, please take me to thee